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DENTAL Dentures: Are you suffering from Emotional Dentures Stress? What's That?

What's Emotional Dentures Stress ?First of all I want to explain what the result of such a thing is

  •  You have sore spots on your gums that will not go away
  •  Your gums are RED and Rashy
  •  No matter how many times they are adjusted,still no good
  •  Your always gritting and grinding to try to make them comfortable
  •  Dentures will feel loose and you have just had a RELINE ( refit )
  •  Tissues in your mouth becomes flabby,soft,fatty or spongy 
  •  Denture is no longer sealing and moves around
  • There are 6 main areas of life that can cause Emotional Denture Stress
  • These are Money,Marriage,Employment,Sex,Health and Self Esteem
  • A trigger can also be a Relative,Close Friend,Divorce,Accident or Death
  • Yes life can be a never ending series of bad experiences

Understand that when a person is under stress certain things happen

  • Stress is pressure inside of you and a way to release this pressure you start pushing down on your Denture and all this excessive force is squeezing the life out of your gums and basically traumatising and STRESSING your poor gums until they are screaming in pain
  • Gums are made to have pressure put on them a few times a day
  • Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner the rest of the time they recuperate
  • When you suffer from Stress you are grinding and pushing down all Day and Night and your gums do not have time to recuperate

 There are things you can do

  • Identify the stress
  • Tell your Direct Denture Maker your under stress
  • He or She can Reline in SOFT COMFORT material
  • Ask your Doctor to help you find a SOLUTION
  • Talking to a non-judgemental person can help
  • Stop yourself clenching and grinding every time
  • Tell yourself it will be OK
  • Stop spending money on new dentures
  • You are the only one that can stop your pain
  • But first be HONEST in your feelings

Please remember Direct Denture Makers will helpask for a soft comfort liner until you have things under control again

Author: Frances blane registered Dental Prosthetist Australia

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