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Stopping Denture Consumer Confusion 

  • I am often asked both socially and professionally, what's the difference between a denturist like you and a dentist or dental technician?
  • My humorous answer is "well when it comes to removable dentures, I actually know what I'm doing".
  • However looking at that question more seriously, the real difference is that denturists are truly the only independent direct to the public denture makers in the world.
  • Dentists have their work done by dental technicians who never see the patient during the process and are only allowed to function by prescription from a dentist or a denturist if they should ever require a technicians services possibly for some metal framework.
  • Dental technicians have their particular skills which are important.
  • The site that presently you are on "lets talk dentures" is a denturist site and denturists are the only independent denture makers.
  • Denturists when it comes to removable dentures possess the skills of both the dentist clinically and the dental laboratory technician allowing them to create for their patients a custom made personalized oral prosthesis to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Direct denture makers are independent practitioners who own their own clinics with labs attached and may depending on various factors hire a technician or dentist to work with or for them.
  • With regard to dentures, denturists have more excessive training in removable dentures than dentists and technicians individually and those skills and training make the denturist a highly skilled independent professional.

Author: Austin J.Carbone

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