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Dental Dentures: Don't Wait - 6 Great Reasons To Get A Denture soon

IF the thought of WEARING a denture or dentures fills you with some fear just think of all the BENEFITS listed below.Yes there are some drawbacks but the benefits far outway them.

  1. Top of list is they are value for money giving you 8-10 yrs if constructed using QUALITY denture materials.Your nearest DIRECT DENTURE MAKER is waiting to discuss the different materials available
  2. Did you know that the mouth is the first part of the digestive system?If you cannot chew food in the mouth then that important first part of the digestive process is missing.The result of not being able to chew your food can be seen in the digestion and processing of food and absorption of nutrients.If the first part part of the process is missing then your body no longer functions at its best.
  3. If you have missing natural teeth particularly the upper front teeth,then your speech will be impaired.When we pronounce the s for sugar and the t for tomato the tongue moves into certain positions around the front teeth.If those teeth are missing the correct pronouncation of words becomes very difficult.
  4. Maybe you have a few natural missing teeth and maybe you are not thinking about filling those spaces in.Then the remaining teeth will have to do more chewing which increases the wear and tear on them, which makes them drift toward the missing spaces and out of alignment.This causes early tooth loss.A denture will prevent the remaining natural teeth from drifting into spaces and ensure that the biting force is spread throughout your whole mouth which takes the stress off your remaining teeth.
  5. People with missing back teeth develop a habit of nibbling on the remaining front teeth,over time those teeth wear down and the facial profile changes.The lower jaw moves further forward and the chin sticks out.The lips become thinner and the sides of the mouth begin to droop.The cheeks develop a hollowed look and the lower third of the face  looks aged.All of these things can be prevented by wearing a denture,some people call it a non surgical facelift and its one of the benefits of wearing a denture.
  6. Most important people without teeth can become victims of lack of confidence and self esteem and become socially embarrassed not wanting to eat out in public and not wanting to smile often hiding behind their hands They eat boring limited diets mostly soft foods or highly processed,health and wellbeing suffers and this has an impact on life expectancy.

Author: stephen judge

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