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Dental Dentures :Have you got a TONGUE problem? A dentures problem

Of course everyone has a tongue, so what's the problem? Well, there is no problem if you have all of your own teeth. It's only a problem if you have been losing teeth (more to the point BACK  teeth) over a period of years and a few other reasons.

  1. The main common reason is tooth loss over a considerable amount of time and not having a partial plate / partial denture to replace the extracted back teeth or molars.The tongue starts to do the work of the missing teeth and this is like sending it to the gym.Tongues are muscle and if it works overtime it grows and grows,now your problem is beginning to take over your mouth.
  2. You don't even know you have a problem UNLESS you go to a professional direct denture maker and ask for a partial or full denture.The denture maker then finds the problem that has taken sometimes 10 yrs to happen.The problem is the denture and the tongue have to live together in harmony.The clinical denture technician / denturist will now use a high impact denture material that enables the denture to be made extremely thin and still be strong enough to resist breaking. The denture is thin because the tongue is so large and will try to dislodge the denture.
  3. Another reason is not wearing lower full dentures and once again giving the tongue muscle the job of throwing the food up to the roof of the mouth in an effort to smash the food before swallowing as well as the tongue is holding the upper full denture in place (if you have one) to stop it from falling. All this helps create a problem.

A patient recently attended my clinic and he told me that he had a complete set of teeth made 20 yrs ago. He wore the full upper denture but could not get on with the full lower denture and hadn't worn it for 20 yrs. This denture will be extremely difficult to make as the TONGUE has worked so hard it's a MONSTER SIZE and will not allow a denture to live along side. Also he complained he needs to be able to chew as his DIGESTIVE system is very much compromised and has a great deal of acid reflux. Please take care of your TONGUE don't leave things too long. There are tongue operations to help make them smaller. Operations on the tongue are very challenging to the patient.Most dentures fail because of a PROBLEM TONGUE. This directory has all the help you need to phone someone. Don't let it happen to you. GET A DENTURE SOON or start wearing the one you have more

Author: Frances Blane - Blaxland NSW, Australia

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