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Dental Dentures The Internet Marketing confusing all Denture Wearers

Direct Denture makers are not Dental Surgeons or Dentists or Prosthodontists. They are a group of professionals that are devoted to deliver, direct to the patient, Dentures that are a joy to look at and wear - they specialize in DENTURES AND ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH DENTAL MARKETEERS TERMS

If you find yourself lost - please go to or

Direct Denture Makers

  • do not perform dental extractions or dental fillings
  • unable to own Dental Clinics or Dental Surgeries
  • cannot perform jaw surgery or root canals
  • not able to perform implant surgery
  • not qualified to treat gum diseases
  • are not Orthodontists or other specialist dental surgeons

If you find yourself in link for dental specialists go to - Its a Denture Clinic Directory



  • Can -  Construct NEW beautiful  dentures for you
  • Does - own a  Clinic
  • Makes - high performance well functioning dentures
  • Is -  very competent in all DENTURE MAKING
  • Are - Keeping up with latest dentures technology
  • Only - has ever focused on Dentures
  • Able - to construct a well functioning Part and Full dentures
  • Qualified - high educational standard in dentures Schools
  • Concerned - about all things Dentures
  • Can advise - when to get medical/ dental attention 

He or She - is in direct contact with denture patient which produces a quality cost effective well functioning denture. So now you know who to see when you need  NEW DENTURES

ONLY is a direct denture makers site

Its a brand name its trademarked and copyrighted - insist on the best

Author: Frances Blane Blaxland n.s.w Australia

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