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Dental Dentures : Triangle of Death On Face Very Important

 Did you know that you have the "Triangle of Death"? Few people have ever heard the term or know that it is a real description of a real area......and YOU have it.  

  1. Draw an imaginary line from the outside of one eye across your forehead to the outside of the other eye....Now draw an imaginary line from the outside of the eyes down to the corners of the mouth until they meet in the center of your chin.....You have just drawn the Triangle of Death.
  2. That area is so named because within that area lies structures that are prone to infection. The areas are the mouth (teeth), the nose (sinuses) and the eyes. All of which are known to become extremely infected for various reasons...All of those structures lie very close to the brain and an infection from any one of those areas can get dumped directly into the blood stream or work it's way up to the brain. Infection in the blood stream can also be fatal if you happen to be someone with a cardiac (heart) problem....Because of that issue alone blood producing procedures should never be performed in the mouth, such as extractions or root canals, without the patient first having been on a schedule of antibiotics prior to the procedures. 
  3. Infection from bad teeth have been documented to have been released into the blood stream and went directly to the heart causing death....That same scenario could take place byway of a serious infection within the boundaries of the Triangle of Death. Infection within the Triangle of Death can be fatal if untreated thus preventing it from reaching the brain, heart or other vital organs.
  4. Always seek professional help to determine the cause of your infection and prior to starting any Dental work or denture work have a complete checkup  ( xrays - blood tests )with your Doctor / Dentist and commence a course in antibiotics if infection is present.

Author: Frances Blane registered Dental Prosthetist

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