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Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly, I found your advice extremely helpful.Thank you again so much.Jeannette

Jeanette Dentures UK

Hello Francis, I wanted to let you know the outcome of my initial enquiry with you and to thank you for your input and advice a few months ago:- we agreed it would be best to defer my denture immediate procedure until after our cruise holiday and during this time a GP has been arranged to administer IV sedation for the extraction of my top teeth in his rooms.  I am reassured by this. So in two weeks we will be on our cruise and by mid July, I will have my top teeth extractions done to be replaced with an immediate denture.  I do expect a few days of pain, and then to gradually become accustomed to my denture.  I needed to convey to you how important your advice and support has been to me and no doubt other people. Kindest regards,Glenda

Glenda Australia

You are very definitely a credit to your profession, and to the human race!I have, over the yrs, emailed many responders for tech questions, and thelike, and almost without exception, I get a nonsensical response thataddresses little, if any of my concerns.  And, you responded almostimmediately!  Even on a Sun.!
ALL of your words are very informative.  Too bad we cannot come to Australia, or wherever you are to have your expertise!It is refreshing to find someone who will quickly answer an inquiry withtruly useful caring info.  It indicates a caring company who puts value ona potential customer. 

Gordon Dentures USA

Thank you very much for your advice.

Norman Dentures

Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly, I found your advice extremely helpful.Thank you again so much. 

Jeannette Dentures UK

Thank you that was a great help.

Paul Australia

Hi Thank you so much this was very helpful to me.

Judy-Re Hints for New Dentures


Carole-To the Admin Team of Lets Talk Dentures

 Thanks Frances, I would like to say that I think its a fantastic concept and I wish you much luck in getting it well known.   So many people have trouble with their dentures and just accept that that's how it is.  Thanks for your suggestion about the teeth and I think that it is a brilliant idea to ask what people don't like!   More power to your elbow!  I shall certainly recommend the site to people, on two counts.  One, to find the name of a denture maker and two, to be able to ask questions and get them satisfactorily answered, so thank you!

Sheila UK

Thank you for your prompt reply. You have been a big help. I now know where to start.

Pat, from Victoria, Australia